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Creative Interaction and User Engagement

With a seemingly never-ending plethora of social mobile applications geared towards bringing users together, it seems as though each idea that's supposed to be better than the previous is simply diluting the market with options that confuse the audience.  That being said, there are phenomenal applications being launched daily that each accomplish a great level of user engagement, unfortunately with so many options, people don't know where to turn or which apps to use.  This comes down to understanding that social mobile users want three fundamental things:

1. Quick and instant to learn applications.
2. Applications that instantly do what they're supposed to do.
3. Applications that they won't be embarrassed to post on their Facebook and Twitter pages.


Social Overload

The mobile social application market has lots of applications for users to choose from.  The problem consumers’ face is that people have to download separate applications to perform different actions.  For example, if a user is looking for a way to experience free texting, they may download an application such as Whatsapp which allows them to do so, however they will not be able to have voice chat or any additional social interaction.  If a user wishes to have video chat / conferencing, they will download Skype, however they will be unable to chat with people in chat rooms or do text messaging.  If a user wishes to broadcast themselves via video or audio to their followers, the option is to download uStream which will allow them to do so. However, uStream doesn't allow users to have free talk or text.


Mobile App Developer eMobiSoft Releases Troll Blaster LITE

As you probably already know, we recently launched the LITE version for Troll Blaster.  Don't forget to download it for FREE!! Here is the PR that went out:

Montreal based mobile app development company eMobiSoft Inc. has recently released the LITE version of their smash hit physics game Troll Blaster with 12 new exclusive levels.

May 30, 2012, Montreal:  Mobile app development company eMobiSoft Inc. announced today the official launch of the LITE version of their smash hit physics challenge game Troll Blaster. The LITE version brings 12 brand new levels exclusively designed for this version.


Troll Blaster Updated with 16 New Levels

Mobile firm eMobiSoft Inc. is giving their audience 16 more levels to play with in the recent 1.2 update to their smash hit physics challenge Troll Blaster.  Players will now have 80 challenging levels to play with.

In addition to the bug fixes and social media integration since the games last update, players have been anticipating a new level pack launch. “We felt that it was time to upgrade the game and add levels. The new levels also open a new ‘world’ which our players are going to love. With the great physics, the IAP’s that are designed to help the player progress and overall quality, our players are very happy with the latest update. The game is very challenging so for some of our players this will allow them to gain a bit of an edge.”

Troll Blaster is available now in the App Store


Game Developer eMobisoft make Physics Game Troll Blaster Free for the Holiday Season

Mobile firm eMobiSoft Inc. is giving their audience a special gift this holiday season.  In association with Daily App Dream, eMobiSoft Inc. has made their smash hit game Troll Blaster free for a limited time. This announcement comes in conjunction with the recent 1.1 update to their app.

“We are very excited about partnering with Daily App Dream for this free holiday campaign.  The response to Troll Blaster since we launched it has been phenomenal.  People seem to really love it and the challenge it provides!  To get ready for the campaign we also issued a pretty big update (1.1) which fixed bugs and added social media integration.” says eMobiSoft Inc. owner Lucky Gupta.

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